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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Have you heard of the site Influenster.com?

Is a website were you sign up and if you are chosen they send you items to honestly test and later on post a review about it.

recently I got chosen for the awesome #BellaVox Box

What I received:

                       =1 EcoTools Complexion Collection Mattifying Finish Brush  ($8.99)

                     The bristles are soft and they apply makeup so smoothly.
                         Would I buy the rest of these brushes?   YES!

                 =DOVE Fruit ($1.88 to $2.69)

I have always tried to stay away from chocolate but after this dove fruits I will stop fighting it!
Whole blueberries covered in rich dark chocolate. 
Nothing too sweet just the ideal balance. This are a must try if you haven't yet.

=Not Your Mother's Deja Vu Do Style Extender (travel size)  ($9 full size)

This is supposed to be a primer to lock in your style until your next shampoo. This gem is supossed to block humidity and repel oil and dirt while being like a base for your other styling products. Now with this one I was dissapointed, it didn't work on my hair texture I guess. It left my hair feeling 100x more frizzy and crazy than I started with. I don't doubt that its good, its just that it didn't work for me. Good luck!

                                         =RIMMEL SCANDALEYES MASCARA BY KATE MOSS ($6.99)

 This is Kate Moss first mascara and the brush is supposed to resemble a broken heart?
Something like that. well overall This did make my lashes longer and fuller but nothing over the top. However it does prevent clumps which is a big plus!

                           =RIMMEL LONDON FINISH LIPSTICK BY KATE MOSS ($5.49)

  Highly intensity color that last 8 hours as it says on the label. However I don't think it lasted more than 3 hours to be honest. Maybe it would have lasted the whole 8 hours if I didn't eat or drink anything. I  was hoping that I got a vibrant red tone but I didn't. I feel like the tone that I received did not match me at all. But I will try on the other tones for sure.


                                                      =Sally Hansen Airbrush legs  ($13.99)

 Feeling pale? This makeup for legs is quite awesome and useful. It spreads and absorbs smoothly and most importantly of all it doesn't rub on clothes!!!
However I don't think I like how the medium tone looked on me but I will Try on the light tone instead. This is so convinient.

                          =Club W and Ebay Guides


  I would like to make clear that :
                      *These Products were provided complimentary for testing purposes*

Have you guys tried on any of this items? Let me know :)